How to Download & Install Free Mobile Spy

This application gives spying features for the users. With the help of the application, you can spy on another person’s smartphone. This can help in identifying what the employee is doing while working, and you can see your kid what he or she does when you are away from them. If you want to know that your partner really loves you or not, then this application will give you the answer. This type of app is not used for any wrong purpose. This can be used for the right purpose by the parents to protect the kids from any type of internet risk. If you want to know what your kid plays games or call anyone, then this type of application is for you.

This type of application is very famous. People want this type of application, but they are very costly. But do not worry this application is free to use you do not have to pay money. You can just directly download it and use it.

Steps to Download & Install Free Mobile Spy

Steps to Download & Install Free Mobile Spy
Steps to Download & Install Free Mobile Spy

We will show you the steps to download and install. You have to read the steps properly to avoid any type of mistakes.

Step 1

Download the Free Mobile Spy application on the phone which you want to know the activity of it.

Step 2

You have to allow from this source. This option will be available on any browser settings from where you want to download this apk file.

Step 3

When you download the application from the site, it will say that it will harm your device, but you have to click on the ok option. After clicking the download will start automatically.

Step 4

You have disabled play protect from Google Play Store settings. This step is required because the play protect will give notification that the app installed in your device is not safe because it is a spying app.

Step 5

Disable notification of Google Play Store. When you disable notification, the smartphone will not get any type of notifications. If it is not disabled the person will know that I did not install any application but why the notification is coming on my screen. The notification will come with the application name so these steps you have to read it carefully and use.

Step 6

After installing the application, the spying app will show some permission which you have to allow. And after that it will show allow permission for certain things like video, draw over the app, and many more. You have to give permission to all. If you do not give or you miss any permission, then you will be not able to use some features of the spying app.

Step 7

After allowing the permission, you have to create a new account in the app. The app will ask a few details like email id and many more. After creating the account, the main thing is you have to click on the start button. And after that, you have to hide the application. If you do not hide the application, the person will know that it is a spying application and someone has installed it in my device.

Step 8

This all the above steps are done in the device which you want to spy. But know this step should be done on your phone from where you will see the other person’s activity. You have download the app and install and login into the control panel section. Only you can see the activity because a security password secures the account. From the control panel, you can see various things about the smartphone.