6+ Free Mobile Spy Features

People are demanding more spying apps. But this app has excellent features. People who are good in their financial situation they purchase spying apps, but what will the person do who do not have enough money to buy. This app is everyone because it is free. You can easily download it and use it.

Free Mobile Spy Features

Free Mobile Spy Features
Free Mobile Spy Features

There are many features in this app when you use you will be amazed.

  • Call Details: You can view incoming and outgoing calls of the person.
  • Call Recorder: You can record the call, and you can save on your device. If you want to listen afterward, you can listen. You can also share the call recording to anyone you want.
  • SMS: You can read all the messages on the smartphone. The best thing is you can also read old messages.
  • Browsing history: You can see all browsing history what the person searched and watched. This feature is mainly used by parents to protect their kids from any type of problems.
  • Gallery: You can watch videos and photos of the smartphone without having any problems.
  • GPS: You can track the person you want and can see where he or she was before at a particular time.
  • Social media: All the social media accounts you can view messages and all different types of information you want.

This all features are very most pleasing. These features are like you are using someone’s smartphone. Before installing the spying app, you should properly see the steps to use it to avoid any type of problem in the future. Remember to allow all the permission. If you miss or not allow the application will not give it features properly. The spying apps are used for a good purpose. Parents who go out and work do not know what their kids are doing alone at home. So they can see their smartphone activity by just opening the control panel on your phone.

This app is also used by the people who run business. They want to know how their employee is working in their company, what they do in their free time. And are they loyal to the company or not.

This app is also useful for people who want to know that their partner is real or fake. This means that they really love their spouse. By using this app, you can get the answer yes or no. You can show the details if you want.

Why Should You Use Spying App

  • Parental control: You can watch the activities of your kid. To see if he or she is really studying or are they involved in something else. If your kid’s phone is stolen, then you can easily track it by the app. If your kid is going through bullies, then you can find it, and you can take action.
  • Backup: You can back up all the data if you want. By backup, you can show the evidence if you want.

Characteristics of Spying App

  • Compatible: The spying app should be compatible with both the smartphone. The phone which you are using and the phone you want to spy it.
  • Free: This app is free to use, and there are apps where you have to purchase it by online banking.
  • Easy to use: This app is very easy to use. In the beginning, you may find it a little tricky, but the control panel is very clear so you can use it perfectly. This is why it is very famous because everyone can use it easily.
  • Undetectable: The app is undetectable no one can track you that you are using this app and spying on someone.
  • Installation is very easy: The installation process is normal, like any other type. You have to allow certain permission to run, and you have to create an account to handle and to view it.
  • Features: In the above, there is a list of all features. Now you know how the app is and how you can use it. So just download it and enjoy the features.


There are many different spying apps available on the internet. But by using this app, you will have many advantages. First, you do not have to pay money to use it. And the features of the spying app is excellent. No one can track you. The app does not require more space in your device. And it also does not consume more battery while using. There are certain spying apps that make the phone drain the battery faster and also lag while working. It is compatible with Android and also iOS. You can use it in tab and iPad if you want. It is user friendly you can operate this app without having any doubts. Now if you like the app, just download and install.